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America’s Independent Rotor Technology Specialists 

The Comprehensive Blade Engineering and Technology Solutions Provider.  

GWT is the premier provider of technology-enabled engineering solutions for wind turbine rotors, uniquely positioned with a blend of expertise, specific knowledge, and advanced facilities. This combination enables us to address every challenge from design to operation with comprehensive services. Our end-to-end solutions are tailor-made to each operator’s needs, enhanced by our independence and integrity. We commit to a rigorously process-driven approach, aligning with industry best practices and the strictest safety standards. All projects are data-driven and supported by thorough business case analyses, enabling our customers to make informed decisions.


Onsite measurement and data gathering, with dedicated teams able to implement repairs and operational enhancements. 


Engineering, products, services, and solutions focused on maximizing the lifespan and performance of rotors.

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Our Performance Engineering facility in North Carolina specializes in enhancing rotor efficiency and output. 


Delivering innovation with cutting-edge equipment, and highly processbased methodologies focused on customer value. 

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Accelerating rotor technology development from pre-concept stage through to implementation both onshore and offshore. 

Our process

Every solution is tailored to the unique challenges facing the customer, ensuring they are safe, effective, quantitative, valuedriven and take advantage of best practice technology and implementation to deliver maximum customer value. 

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We’re currently hiring outstanding individuals who share our values of excellence and teamwork.