Removing technology barriers from wind turbine rotors

Gulf Wind Technology is currently developing concepts and rotor technology addressing key limiting factors in the engineering, fabrication and deployment of the next generation of wind turbine rotors, in addition to improving and optimizing existing fleets.

Hurricane cloud over Florida

Hurricane-proof turbine technology

The company has a design and technology program underway, developing modified offshore wind turbine rotors specifically for the Gulf of Mexico.  These will be capable of withstanding category five hurricanes, whilst producing cost-effective clean energy. The company is also working on technology concepts integrating the rotor into a turbine optimized for the Gulf of Mexico.

Technical project services for turbine OEM’s

Gulf Wind Technology can provide technical project services to manufacturers of wind turbine blades, assisting with change management and process improvement to reduce variation in manufacturing relative to design intent. The company applies Six Sigma tools and data driven engineering analysis on physical and chemical processes, combined with human resource optimization. Process cost-out advisory services are also available and all work is delivered to Six Sigma black belt standards.

Wind turbine root
2 men stood underneath a wind turbine

Technical project services for turbine operators

The company provides rotor technology services to wind turbine operators addressing all areas requiring expert rotor technical capability. Gulf Wind Technology designs and implements solutions based on the needs of the specific wind farm and the objectives of the operator. Services include fleet instrumentation, monitoring and analysis; operations and maintenance projects; and evaluating and delivering rotor performance improvements and upgrades.

"Our operations and quality systems are designed to the principles of Lean Six Sigma, and allow us to implement solutions aligned with the internal processes of our customers."

Mitchel Graff, Chief Operations Officer

Rotor instrumentation, monitoring and analysis

The Company is an innovator in the field of diagnostic information systems for rotors. Turbine operators use these resources on a confidential basis to provide laboratory-accurate, continuous and real-time actionable insights into rotor performance, allowing diagnostic maintenance forecasting and fatigue analysis of the fleet. These data profiles also provide valuable insights into rotor behavior before, during, and after extreme weather events, including icing. Data is processed in house with our exclusive partners, allowing information to be presented on a proprietary platform in an action-orientated format designed to make the best use of operators time, without requiring a high degree of technical competency in house.

Composite material and component characterization

Gulf Wind Technology offers a full range of ASTM certified testing to characterize composite materials and components, focused on data driven blade repair solutions. Combined with engineering analysis, this testing capability takes the guesswork out of blade repairs and fault diagnosis. The company also offers analysis of failures and quantified estimates of decay in material performance based on testing real-world materials against the theoretical starting point.

Prototyping and Manufacturing

The company has capability to deliver AS91000 and IS0 9001 certified prototype and serial manufactured composite components up to full size blades; leveraging a skilled workforce and well proven manufacturing facilities.


Gulf Wind Technology offers Lean Six Sigma composite rotor repair training programs to technicians. The program enables operators and maintenance organizations to implement certified, quality controlled maintenance and repairs, using approved systems and materials, working with best practice safety procedures.