Gulf Wind Technology

Dedicated to improving the economic performance of operational windfarms, combining data driven rotor analysis with cutting-edge composite technology.

Gulf Wind Technology is the leading wind turbine rotor technology specialist in the United States.

With headquarters in New Orleans, at the historical Avondale Shipyard, the company is within easy reach to service America’s onshore operational wind turbine fleet. Based on the Mississippi waterfront and with railway access, it is strategically located as a hub to develop offshore wind in the Gulf of Mexico.

The key team at Gulf Wind Technology are industry veterans with multidisciplinary technical and operational experience, and are world-class in their respective specialist areas of wind turbine blade technology.

“We provide the American turbine industry with engineering services and outsourcing solutions, covering all aspects of rotor technology, manufacture and operation”

David King - CTO, Gulf Wind Technology

Delivering technical rotor solutions

The company has expertise and capability to deliver a full spectrum of blade services – from the conceptual stage, through design, prototyping, pre-serial manufacturing, quality control, process engineering, manufacturing, operation, maintenance, monitoring, repairs, and blade enhancements.

Gulf Wind Technology delivers projects with in-house resources and works closely with manufacturing, testing, and monitoring partners. Projects are delivered turnkey, with a single point of contact and always within the Six Sigma framework.

Fleet management rotor technical specialist services

Rotor technology is an extremely complex technical area that most turbine operators find challenging to penetrate. It is an intersection of aerodynamics, composite design, fatigue analysis and manufacturing variability, combined with the realities of wear and tear as rotors age in operation. Gulf Wind Technology is the single point of contact to address any technical questions a turbine operator has about rotors, including quantification of rotor longevity for the fleet and proposals for turnkey solutions on repairs and upgrades, in addition to monitoring systems and diagnostic information. 


Gulf Wind Technology has access to more than 1.5 million sqft of manufacturing and fabrication space available at its Avondale Shipyard Headquarters, with on-site railway, road and barge access. The company works closely with Seemann composites and has an exclusive co-operation in the wind turbine sector. Seemann was the inventor of SCRIMP resin infusion technology, which is the basis of most modern blade manufacturing, and continues to innovate today. They are a primary military subcontractor and can deliver one-off and serial components from small sized, to wind turbine blade scale. State of the art facilities include, waterfront manufacturing space, large curing ovens, overhead heavy lifting, large scale CNC Equipment including 3 and 5 axis cutting, and ACMA staff certified for civilian and military projects working to AS91000 and IS0 9001, meeting OSHA and MACT standards. There are large, separated, climate-controlled manufacturing bays, with the ability to construct and deliver composite structures to order, in over 200k sqft of manufacturing and engineering space.

Arial photo of Avondale manufacturing plant
Blade Testing diagrams


Using in-house facilities and in partnership with Material Sciences LLC; Gulf Wind Technology provides a rotor blade interface for virtually any composite testing and materials investigation, below the scale of full-size blade structural testing. Services include rotor blade subcomponents, materials, damaged parts, leading edges, and lightning equipment. Facilities are certified to AS91000 and IS0 9001 and operated by highly trained staff who also work on US military projects.

Real time rotor information systems

Data acquisition through blade monitoring for turbine operators and OEM’s is a core competence of the company. Gulf Wind Technology works exclusively with Eleven I equipment and information systems to provide turn-key installation, operation, and management, for full spectrum rotor monitoring. The systems are proprietary and provide a level of insight and actionable information unavailable elsewhere. 

Quality, Six Sigma and lean

Gulf Wind Technology operates entirely within a framework of Six Sigma and lean processes. These apply both internally and externally and are intrinsic to all activities and deliverables. Projects, analysis, and turn-key solutions are designed to meet or exceed the process and quality standards of the most sophisticated and demanding clients.

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