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Best Practice is Our Only Practice

Gulf Wind Technology operates entirely within a framework of Six Sigma and lean processes. These apply both internally and externally and are intrinsic to all activities and deliverables.

Projects, analysis, and turn-key solutions are designed to meet or exceed the process and quality standards of the most sophisticated and demanding clients.

GWT Process
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Value focused

Customer-Centric Solutions

Our solutions are custom-tailored to meet the unique challenges facing each customer. We ensure effective, best-practice project delivery, leveraging the most advanced technology to maximize customer value. Our processes and projects are designed to minimize risks and ensure total operational safety, consistently delivering on budget, on target, and on time.

unrivalled capability

Multidisciplinary and Cross-Functional

At GWT, our projects combine diverse expertise with the advanced equipment available within our organization. Project delivery may involve multiple specialist teams, including Reliability Engineering, Field Services, Performance Engineering, Prototyping and Testing, and the Development Engineering team. Our approach to project teamwork is systematically designed to ensure the highest standards of effectiveness, maximizing value for our customers.

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The GWT Process

The GWT Process is our framework for delivering projects. It is designed as the best practice process map for excellence in the area of applied wind turbine rotor technology and engineering. Aligned with the fundamental principles of Lean Six Sigma, this systematic approach is deeply ingrained in every project through rigorous, process-driven practices.  

The core measures of success at GWT are continuously improving:

Customer Satisfaction  |  Operational Excellence  |  Safety

Definition and Scoping

Customer Problem Statement Scoping

Collaboratively identify and define the opportunity to create value for the customer. Structured approach based on customer input, detailed technical and operational knowledge and insights from engineering, field services, reliability engineering, performance engineering, and the technology development team. 

Value Focus 

Scoping process focused on delivering customer value, reducing risk and applying best practice methodology and technology throughout.  Quantifiable, data driven and business case backed, leveraging proven technical and engineering capability.   

Step-by-step approach designed to enhance financial performance of planned and operational turbines. First principles and data based approach, targetting rotor technology, performance and lifespan, with a clear view of safety and reliability. 

Project Definition

Objectives, initial planning, stage gating, budget preparation and establishing deliverables:
Highly structured approach setting out the best-practice plan to execute and aligning expectations, measurements and key steps.    

Data and Measurement


Process and objectives for measurement and quantification, centred on value, safety, reliability, performance and variability. Customer value is the key driver of the data gathering process.

Quantitative Benchmarking

Population benchmarking is particularly important for composite technology in rotors, which are inherently variable. GWT use benchmarks, proprietary analytical data and know-how and co-operate with major manufacturers for specifications.   

Definition of performance, dimensions, lifespan, and variation, combined with modelling to quantify performance, reliability and financial sensitivities in the customer’s specific business case context. 

Measurement and Data Gathering

Gathering of data and information according to the project scope. Sources include manufactured components, operational data, field data gathering, monitoring systems, non-destructive testing, Structural testing and advanced composite materials forensics and analysis. The extensive data set in the GWT system is leveraged to provide a very robust referential context to data gathering. 

Data Driven Analysis

Root Cause Analysis

Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is a core competence of GWT. We dive deep into identifying root causes, leveraging GWT’s proprietary technology and rotor engineering expertise. The technical fields of composites and blade technology are relatively opaque areas, and GWT delivers transparent, insightful and actionable analysis based on actual data, enabling customers to understand the fundamental drivers of their situation.

Solution Alternatives

We develop solution alternatives, leveraging best practice and proprietary technology to address the conclusions of the RCA process. Our multidisciplinary team develops and evaluates solutions and approaches based on the criteria of customer value, according to the scoping and problem statement. Alternatives are presented and evaluated in an extremely structured format to quantify the impact that each solution can have on value drivers and critical factors, including safety, reliability, cost, implementation feasibility, timeline and value impact. 

Business Case Analysis

We develop a detailed business case using best practice approaches and customer input. Candidate solutions are comparatively evaluated based on real data for planned and operational assets. Tangible and intangible costs and risk factors are quantified and analyzed with reporting and presentation aligned to customer needs and processes. Customers are empowered with a clear and quantitative understanding of the actions and options available to them and the value they will deliver. 

Project Execution

Customer Involvement

We engage customers from the very beginning, ensuring their involvement throughout the project implementation process. Our approach is collaborative and transparent, structured to meticulously assess risks and sensitivities to variable factors that could impact project outcomes from the customer perspective.

Solution Definition

Following business case analysis and customer workshops, the approach to creating value in the context of the customer project objectives will be agreed.  Solution definition involves preliminary project planning to understand in detail how customer value will be achieved, and to further quantify benefits, budget, and milestones, as well as other customer, key performance indicators. 

Implementation Plan

The planning stage for project detail, planning and implementation is process-driven and aligned with best practice. The output of the planning process is to finalize a deliverable solution that exceeds safety standards and will deliver forecastable value on time, on target and on budget.

There is a step-by-step plan ensuring safety protocols, effective project management, and customer involvement.

Communication and Stage-Gates

Solutions are delivered through a strict process-driven framework and stage gated.  There is communication with the customer according to predefined criteria, so that expectations and needs from the customer side are met or exceeded at all times.

Monitoring and Reporting

Monitoring and Control

Project execution, according to the rigorous internal standards and processes of Gulf Wind Technology set the company apart. We Implement and execute solutions with full monitoring and control of team and operators as well as physical equipment. Monitoring plans include safety performance, operational efficiency, and reliability tracking. Our diligence and commitment to project process management sets us apart in the rotor technology sector. 

Documentation and Reporting

In alignment with project scoping and detailed planning, customers received comprehensive documentation and reporting on key performance indicators, including safety standards, project progress, and performance versus target. Daily customer reporting on field operations is a unique benefit and enables real time project monitoring. 

Continuous Improvement

Every technology, process and activity of the company is subjected to relentless improvement. We leverage lessons learned from project work to continuously improve and optimise delivery of value to customers and further improving efficiency and effectiveness to deliver value on time, on budget, and with high Sigma variation.   

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