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Podcast Discussion: STEM in Wind Energy Engineering


Our Chief Engineer, Murray Fisher, recently engaged in a podcast with the North Carolina School for Science and Math, exploring the intersection of STEM disciplines with wind energy engineering. 🌬️

The conversation covered technical aspects of wind energy engineering, providing a glimpse into the science behind the design and implementation of wind turbines.

The discussion touched upon how STEM disciplines contribute to sustainable solutions, reflecting our commitment to a more environmentally conscious future.

The podcast provides valuable insights into our Chief Engineer’s journey, aiming to inspire students to pursue STEM careers within the context of wind energy.

Feel free to take a listen for a more in-depth understanding of the relationship between STEM education and wind energy engineering.

A sincere thank you to the North Carolina School for Science and Math for hosting this insightful conversation. Together, we contribute to shaping the future of engineering.

Let’s continue to empower the next generation of STEM leaders and propel innovation in the fascinating realm of wind energy!

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