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Avondale-based Gulf Wind Technology is announcing a long-term partnership with Jefferson Parish Schools.

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Jefferson Parish, LA, May 20, 2023 – The largest public school district in Louisiana and Gulf Wind Technology are capitalizing on mission synergies that will be mutually beneficial, while having a long-lasting positive impact for Jefferson Parish. Shell’s investment of $10M in Gulf Wind Technology to form the Shell Gulf Wind Technology Accelerator Program, established a nationwide leader in wind energy, research and training. A newly created partnership between Jefferson Parish Schools and Avondale-based Gulf Wind Technology will give high school students unique opportunities to engage in highly technical activities and engineering projects. It will also generate a pipeline for comprehensive workforce development across a wide breadth of disciplines, from trade apprenticeship to professional degree employment.

“Our goal is to ensure that all students graduate prepared for a career or college, and the only way we can meet this collective goal is with the help of partners like Gulf Wind Technology,” said Dr. James Gray, Superintendent of Jefferson Parish Schools. “It’s important we provide students with multiple pathways to high-demand, high-wage careers in Jefferson Parish.”

“Louisiana’s growth into a world-leading renewable energy center will require an evolution of our state’s industrial energy infrastructure: upstream, midstream, and downstream,” said James Martin, CEO of Gulf Wind Technology. “It will necessitate the development of cutting edge logistical and industrial hubs, allowing thousands of highly skilled workers to combine their expertise to develop and maintain transformative products. It will rely upon a sustained effort to educate and train the most skilled workforce in the country and in the world.”

The partnership between Jefferson Parish Schools and Gulf Wind Technology will be a streamlined workforce development and talent pipeline that places education outcomes at its forefront. “Everything we do is aimed at the long-term success of the children, families, and community of this parish for years to come. Our students’ diverse backgrounds and skills are assets to Gulf Wind Technology and other local businesses who are looking for a skilled workforce,” said Gray.

As Gulf Wind Technology aims to drive the local economy, the students and future graduates of Jefferson Parish Schools will play a key role for years to come. “The future of energy companies will be written in Jefferson Parish. The partnership between Jefferson Parish Schools and Gulf Wind Technology will play a critical part in making our state the renewable energy world leader,” said Martin.

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About Gulf Wind Technology: Gulf Wind Technology is the leading wind turbine rotor technology specialist in the United States. With headquarters in New Orleans, at the historical Avondale Shipyard, the company is within easy reach to service America’s onshore operational wind turbine fleet. Based on the Mississippi river and with railways access, it is strategically located as a hub to develop offshore wind in the Gulf of Mexico. The key team at Gulf Wind Technology are industry veterans with multidisciplinary technical and operational experience and are world-class in their respective specialist area of wind turbine blade technology. For more information, visit:

About Jefferson Parish Schools: Jefferson Parish Schools is the largest and most diverse school district in Louisiana and the 98th largest in the nation. Jefferson Parish Schools serve nearly 50,000 students regardless of their beliefs, identity, address, skin color, citizenship, ability, gender, or their family’s income. Jefferson Parish Schools believe that all students deserve an education to help them succeed in life and make our world a better place. In 2022, despite the major disruptions and learning losses caused by the global pandemic and the aftermath of hurricane Ida, Jefferson Parish Schools announced its largest district performance growth in 10 years. For more information, visit:

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James Martin, GWT CEO

Kaela Lewis, Jefferson Parish Schools – Executive Director of Communications

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