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The Port Fourchon Wind Turbine

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April 15, 2024
The wind turbine arrived at our technolgy center.


March 25, 2024
The transportation of the wind turbine from Ireland to our technology Center at Avondale Global Gateway, New Orleans, began.


March 12, 2024
Agreement signed with the Greater Lafourche Port Commission for the installation of our onshore wind turbine at Port Fourchon. Read the press release


January 9, 2024
Gulf Wind Technology approves a lease agreement at the Greater Lafourche Port Commission’s (GLPC) December board meeting that will make Port Fourchon the first location in Louisiana to have an actual wind turbine. Read the press release

About Louisiana's First Wind Turbine

At a height of 187 feet, the new wind turbine at Port Fourchon Coastal Wetlands Park is set to become a landmark project in renewable energy for Louisiana. The initiative is poised to harness wind power for data collection and energy production. The energy generated will be pivotal in powering the Greater Lafourche Port Commission’s (GLPC) emergency operations building and supporting other infrastructure developments at the park.

The turbine stands as a cornerstone for skill development and training in wind farm installation, operation, and maintenance, providing substantial benefits to regional businesses and the workforce. It also serves as a collaboration hub for Gulf Wind Technology with various educational and research institutions to advance American technologies tailored for the Gulf of Mexico.

The project underscores our commitment to sustainable energy and regional growth, acting as a critical enabler for deploying further wind energy projects. This development is instrumental in paving the way for more advanced technical and economic progress in the area.

The project is set to be fully operational in the latter half of 2024, marking a significant step forward in local energy innovation.

About Port Fourchon - Offshore Wind READY

Port Fourchon is Offshore Wind READY to support pilot projects and long-term development of offshore wind energy. Port Fourchon is centrally located on the Gulf of Mexico and has an ESTABLISHED reputation as a premier world-class service supply hub for offshore energy.

Port Fourchon has a history of safe, responsible, and resilient property development with each new site tailored for both business and environment, permitted and shovel-ready.

Offshore wind ready- future plans include:

  • Belle Pass Deepening up to -50 ft
  • 500+ Acres of Land Available on Gulf at our Fourchon Island Development
  • Channel deepening up to -33 ft in Bayou Lafourche through Slips A-D
  • 180+ Acres of Waterfront Property Under Development in Slip D
  • Completion of Phase 2 of the LA 1 Elevated Highway Project from Golden Meadow to Port Fourchon

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