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NC School for Science and Math (NCSSM): an introduction to engineering in the wind industry

Engineers teaching educators at NCSSM

Meg Lidrbauch, Senior Loads Engineer, at GWT recently had the opportunity to speak at the Morganton NC School of Science and Math to a cohort of STEM high school teachers, where she delved into the captivating world of wind energy engineering. Meg introduced the educators to the variety of topics and problems that engineers face in designing today’s offshore wind turbines.

Murray Fisher, GWT Chief Engineer, joined Meg to discuss the role that aerodynamics plays in transforming kinetic energy in the wind into electrical energy for the grid.

The highlight of the evening was challenging these dedicated teachers to channel their inner engineers by designing, building, and testing their own wind turbines. Witnessing their enthusiasm and creativity firsthand was inspiring, reinforcing the importance of fostering a passion for renewable energy at the grassroots level.

Together, we’re sowing the seeds for a future generation of environmentally conscious innovators.

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