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Engaging Future Engineers at Jefferson Parish Schools

Jefferson Parish Students listening to a presentation

We are delighted to share the insightful experience Gulf Wind Technology recently had while hosting students from Jefferson Parish Schools. Our team delved into the intricacies of aerodynamics, airfoils, and their role in wind turbine blade design.

A notable highlight of the day was witnessing the practical application of wind tunnel testing to validate models. Our team took the opportunity to guide these aspiring engineers, providing a comprehensive understanding of the efficiency of wind turbine technology.

Furthermore, we had the privilege of showcasing the innovative capabilities of our high-quality, large-scale 3D printer. From setup to part cleaning, the technological journey unfolded, offering a firsthand perspective on advancements in engineering.

At Gulf Wind Technology, our commitment to empowering the next generation with hands-on experiences in engineering concepts is unwavering. We take pride in fostering a passion for problem-solving among future engineers.

A sincere appreciation to the students from Jefferson Parish Schools for their keen enthusiasm and curiosity. Together, let us continue to inspire, innovate, and collectively shape the future landscape of engineering.

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