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LPB/PBS Winds of Change series exploring Louisiana’s energy transition

Mixed reality headset

We were featured in Karen LeBlanc’s Winds of Change series on LPB/PBS, showcasing our Gulf Wind Technology Accelerator and Port Fourchon wind turbine, the first in Louisiana. The programme highlighted our cutting-edge mixed reality training program developed by Professor Matthew Tarr in collaboration with Top Right Corner — a key component of GWT’s technological advancements.

This innovative technology is poised to revolutionize the training of engineers specializing in wind turbine blade inspection and repair. Employing a headset equipped with cameras, the program seamlessly integrates the digital and physical worlds, providing a remarkably realistic simulation of the working environment. At our GWT Accelerator, participants engage in hands-on practice, suspended from climbing ropes on an actual wind turbine blade tip which creates an authentic experience when coupled with the mixed reality headset.

To address the growing needs of Louisiana’s emerging wind energy sector, this pioneering technology will be deployed in partnership with educational institutions. Collaboration with professionals from the oil and gas industry who possess highly transferable skills to the field of wind energy, is a key focus. As home to the largest independent rotor technology center globally, our GWT Accelerator positions us as technical experts ready to guide and support the training process.

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