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‘Power of Wind’ visit to Block Island with Center for Planning Excellence (CPEX)

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Gulf Wind Technology leaned-in to the opportunity to support Center for Planning Excellence (CPEX) with this ‘Power of Wind’ visit to Block Island. Louisiana is already a powerhouse in the energy market and has its sights set on being a big player in build out of the Offshore Wind supply chain.

This was a moment of rare opportunity for Louisiana to propel its legacy as an energy state into the next century. Our state is at the forefront of the world’s next energy revolution, poised to be a pioneer in the global economy and to build a foundation of wealth for the next generation. CPEX helps to establish vision and set the course for the state and its communities to flourish amidst major changes. At this moment, that means helping Louisiana seize the new opportunities for economic and workforce development that will benefit Louisiana residents and businesses as global and national energy markets evolve.

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